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1 pfofoser

2 Ph.D

3 Professor of Allameh Tabatabai University. Tehran. Iran.

4 Associate Professor, Amin University of Law Enforcement Sciences. Tehran. Iran.


Purpose: One of the key issues that has a significant impact on the establishment of order and security in society is prevention of crime. Governments and organizations dealing with macro policies are working to ensure that all activities and activities in this area are properly carried out. Due to the growth of technology and the development of its achievements and the flourishing of electronic cities, this study was conducted to explain the role of the electronic city in preventing crime in Tehran metropolis.
Research method: The research method of this research is an applied objective. In terms of the descriptive-analytical nature carried out in the police and municipality of Tehran. The statistical population of this study was NAJA directors and commanders and senior managers of the municipality 360. Using Morgan's table, 186 people were sampled in two areas of law enforcement and urban areas. Data gathering tool The data of this research consists of two researcher-made questionnaires and after collecting them using statistical tests.
Results: results confirm 4 dimensions of measures and measures, increase awareness, provide services and supervision and care as main dimensions of crime prevention management and confirm the dimensions of e-city ie e-life, e-organization, e-government and infrastructure, indicate e-life dimensions Aspects of crime prevention have a positive effect.
Findings: The finding of the study indicate that the realization of E-city (e-government, e-organization, e-life and e-infrastructure) and development of its indicators are essential in Tehran metropolitan area for crime prevention.