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allame tabatabayi university


Introduction: In the crisis management process, law enforcement can play a prominent role in creating family, work and social environments. The aim of this study was to investigate the role of female police in crisis management based on the lived experiences of law enforcement personnel.
Method: The method of the present study was qualitative descriptive phenomenology. In this way, with the help of semi-structured interviews, information related to the sample was collected. The study population included all law enforcement personnel who were present in the area after the Kermanshah earthquake and sought to establish social security. From the mentioned community, sampling continued in a targeted manner until saturation (15 police officers).
Findings: Psychological empowerment of women police including three functions; Adaptive, communicative and supportive; The role of social security in the crisis included organizing roles, intervening in insecure settings, and crisis-relieving practices. Also, the synergistic roles in security interactions, the role of enlightening public opinion and the participatory role were obtained.
Conclusion: Studies show the pivotal role of police women in crisis disaster management. It also indicates that the society needs the presence of female police in law enforcement interventions due to cultural-Islamic considerations.