Document Type : Original Article


Member of Human Resources Management Department, Faculty of Science and Technology, Organizational Resources, Amin University of Law Enforcement Sciences


Background and Aim: Establishing more order and security in society requires the recruitment and proper use of female police officers, especially in the disciplinary field. The purpose of this study is to obtain a suitable model for planning their career path, which has not been done in the past.
Method: This research is of applied type and its method is qualitative with an exploratory approach which has been done with the focus group technique. The statistical population includes NAJA managers and female police officers in the disciplinary field. The sampling method is in relation to targeted experts and in relation to numerical occupations. The method of data collection is library and field with the tools of catching and group interviews. To analyze and interpret the interview data, data organization, classification, evaluation and interpretation were used.
Findings: Female police officers in the disciplinary category have 31 job titles in the ranks of senior and minor officers. This number is by no means sufficient for horizontal movement (training, job rotation, transfer from one job field to another within a field) and vertical movement. (Career promotion) does not give.
Conclusion: In order to establish more order and security in the society and solve the current and future problems of the female police in the disciplinary field, in addition to creating consensus among decision makers, it is necessary to use a thirteen-stage model. Keywords: Career Planning, Female Police, Law Enforcement, Job, Career Path