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1 PhD Student in Traffic Safety Management, Amin University of Law Enforcement Sciences

2 . Associate Professor of Amin University (Corresponding Author):


Introduction: Startups in recent years have been able to offer new services and values to customers with higher productivity and lower prices. Therefore, the present study was conducted to identify the role and position of startups in improving traffic management and security in the country.
Method: The present study is a development-applied research based on a mixed (qualitative-quantitative) approach. The participants of the quality section include 16 specialists and experts in the field of technology and traffic who were purposefully selected and the data were obtained using semi-structured interview techniques. The statistical population of the quantitative section also included 32 PhD students and graduates in the field of traffic safety, the president and professors of the University of Traffic Police, senior managers of the traffic police who were selected in full. Smart-PLS software was also used to analyze quantitative data.
Findings: The findings of the qualitative part of the research showed that start-ups with 4 roles are effective in improving traffic management, which are: "traffic monitoring", "traffic safety", "supply and demand management" and "travel optimization". A little confirmed.
Conclusion: According to the findings, it is suggested that the traffic police in order to optimally distribute traffic by supporting the capacity of knowledge-based institutions and academic elites in order to launch strong and reliable internal router startups compatible with the environment The country should try.


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