The strategic features emphasized in the articles of this research paper are:
1 - Develop a strategy and present a model;
2 - Presenting Islamic-Iranian theoretical models;

3 - Development and presentation of strategic indicators;
4 - Identify the comparative advantages of the organization;
5 - Explains the prospects and horizons of order and security;
6 - Identify internal strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and environmental threats;
7- Explaining strategies related to NAJA missions;

8- Organizational strategic solutions in providing public security;
9 - Identifying the main bottlenecks and strategic factors of NAJA success in the present and future;
10 - Focus on the general direction of NAJA activities in the long run;
11 - Provider mechanism and how to implement strategic management;
12 - Has appropriate solutions at the macro level with a holistic view;

13 - Security pathology based on quantitative, qualitative and combined methods;
14 - Developer of theoretical foundations;
15 - Explains macro organizational goals;
16 - Explain organizational missions;
17 - Other issues related to the strategic area of order and security.





Therefore, strategic research means research that provides solutions to many problems and challenges of today's organizations by relying on a dynamic, forward-looking, comprehensive and contingent mentality.
Strategic research in the economic, political and social fields with two components, prepares, formulates and implements the strategy:
1 - The need for foresight and how to lead and lead the organization; 2 - The need to pay attention to coordination. This research paper publishes original articles [1] resulting from research findings, review articles (systematic [2], meta-analysis [3], etc.) and case studies [4] in the strategic field of law enforcement knowledge. Original and research articles are a priority. Articles submitted for publication in this research paper should have the following characteristics